About: August Lincoln Sparrow

Who am I?
Hi, I’m August Lincoln Sparrow and this is my blog. Thanks for reading!
What’s my deal?
I’m a thirtysomething from Pittsburgh who, among other things, spends too much time watching movies and television shows. I have other hobbies too, but they’re probably not worth blogging about.
Is this blog only for movies and television?
Mostly. I may occasionally post updates on other topics like news, podcasts, life or whatever, but the main content of this blog is going to be short and sweet (or short and sour) film and tv reviews – all in 100 words or less.
Why are my reviews so short, 100 words or less?
“Keep it simple, stupid.” I am not a professional critic, so I won’t try to act like one here. My reviews are simply my own thoughts on why I liked or disliked something, free of spoilers and free of pretentiousness (I hope).
Why are there so few blog entries?
I’m working on it, building the blog day by day. Although I’ve been watching movies for over three decades, I’ve only just started blogging about them.
Why don’t I blog about new releases?
Well, like most people, my regular job is not as a professional movie critic. I manage to see a few new movies in the theater each year, but most of my viewing is done at home on my own schedule – watching what I want, whenever I want can.
Have I personally watched all of the movies and tv shows on this blog?
Yep! 100%.
Why don’t I use IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or some other site that already exists?
Those sites don’t allow users to grade movies with the standard letter scale (A, B-, C+, etc.). Instead they use scales like 4 stars or 10 stars which I don’t particularly like. Yes, I do have a Letterboxd page, but I have to use a crossmap cheat sheet to translate my letter grades to their 5-star rating system and it’s not a one-to-one match which drives me crazy! Additionally, existing sites don’t allow you to rate television shows by season, instead, you can only rate the entire series; and I think we all know that many shows can have great early seasons and then decline over time (or vice versa).
What is “tagonomy?”
I thought it was a clever combination of the words taxonomy and tag: a witty way to categorize information like genre, keywords, and franchise. If you google the term tagonomy you get over a thousand hits, so I clearly wasn’t the only person who thought this was a cool portmanteau.

Where else can you find me?
You can check me out on twitter: @augustsparrow.
I also have the aforementioned Letterboxd page. That’s a cool site and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so yet.

I’m not a lawyer, but here’s some legal stuff…
All of the reviews and synopses on this site are written by me, so that copyright belongs to me (August Lincoln Sparrow). The promotional photos of each movie and television show do not belong to me and the copyright for those images belongs to their creators. I believe I am using those images under “fair use” and no copyright infringement is intended. The silhouette pictures on this specific page were created by pixabay user 3dman-eu.