Within (2016)

Within 2016

US Title:
Phil Claydon

What’s It About?
A widower, his teenage daughter and his second wife move into a new house but soon discover that something sinister from the previous occupants still lingers in the home.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Ok, so I knew going into this movie to expect nothing more than a low-budget haunted house movie. And even with those low expectations, this film still found a way (no, several ways!) to piss me off. The story is awful and the ending is infuriating. I won’t spoil anything here, although I wish I could because then I would explain why this movie is a complete waste of time and should be avoided. There is a brief moment in this film where it has a chance to be something better than it is, but that moment is quickly squandered.

Final Grade: F+

More Info:

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