Sherlock – Season 3

Sherlock - Season3

US Title:
4 (3 regular eps plus “The Abominable Bride” New Year special)

What’s It About?
Season three continues the sleuthing adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in modern day London, this year with the addition of John’s incredibly awesome fiancé Mary Morstan.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Season three is just as good as season two, which is pretty damn good. The introduction of John’s fiancé Mary (portrayed amazingly by Amanda Abbington) could have been a disastrous shakeup to the show’s bromantic dynamic, but thankfully the addition of Mary tuned out to be absolutely fantastic. Season three’s episodes are all strong, especially the last two: the wedding ep is terrific and there is a “mind palace” sequence in episode three that is stellar. Great season! (The bonus episode is a mixed bag: it has some truly clever parts, but it’s also tone deaf in some specific areas.)

Final Grade: A-

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