Warrior (2011)


US Title:
Gavin O’Connor

What’s It About?
Two estranged brothers, one a former marine and the other a public school teacher, enter a mixed martial arts tournament.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
This movie is awesome. It’s so good and so moving. The script is great, the story is beautiful, and the acting is superb. Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy give powerhouse performances as brothers reluctantly forced to confront each other and their dark pasts. The supporting cast is also stellar, particularly Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison and Frank Grillo. Emotionally, this movie hits all the right notes and then some. Plus, the ending is absolutely perfect. This movie can reduce a man to tears. Heavy tears. (Also, I’ve listened to The National’s About Today probably a thousand times thanks to this film.)

Final Grade: A

More Info:

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