They Look Like People (2015)

They Look Like People 2015

US Title:
They Look Like People
Perry Blackshear

What’s It About?
Fearing that aliens or evil spirits have begun taking over people’s bodies, an unstable man tries to save his unsuspecting best friend before it’s too late.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Wow, this was such a pleasant surprise. I expected this movie to be a lackluster horror thriller about aliens or demons secretly invading the planet, but this film is nothing like that. It’s actually an amazingly told story about the struggles of mental illness, the power of friendship, and finding the strength to face your demons. Great script; terrific performances by leads MacLeod Andrews and Evan Dumouchel; excellent use of subtlety and suspense; solid plot; and a fantastic ending. The movie is low-budget, but the emotion and the power of the story are anything but. I definitely recommend this one.

Final Grade: B+

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