Java Heat (2013)


US Title:
Java Heat
Conor Allyn

What’s It About?
A rouge American marine reluctantly teams up with an Indonesian detective to thwart a terrorist plot in Jakarta.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
It starts fine but turns into a silly mess. Even for an action movie, the plot of this one is pretty disorderly and nonsensical. Mickey Rourke plays the evil villain and his character is so poorly written that it’s almost funny. Almost. The movie’s strength is in the mismatched pairing of Kellan Lutz as the cocky American and Ario Bayu as the by-the-book local detective. (Bayu is particularly good here.) They’re a fun team; I just wish they had been given a better script. Lutz, I’m still rooting for you to find your breakthrough movie, buddy. It’s out there somewhere.

Final Grade: D

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