Dreamscape (1984)


US Title:
Joseph Ruben

What’s It About?
A secret research program creates a method for psychics to enter into other people’s dreams. Initially intending to use their discovery to cure patients from chronic nightmares, their work is taken over by a shadowy government agency with a sinister agenda.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
The idea sounds cool on paper, a little like Inception but twenty years earlier. However, the actual film is corny and kind of stupid. There’s not much to like here: the special effects are pretty bad (even for the 80’s), the characters could use a lot of work, the overall plot is weak, and the dialogue has zero subtlety. I like Dennis Quaid and Kate Capshaw in a lot of other movies, but this film is not their finest hour. At least it had a good ending.

Final Grade: D-

More Info:

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