TiMER (2009)

TiMER 2009

US Title:
Jac Schaeffer

What’s It About?
A new technological device called a TiMER implanted in a users wrist can reveal the exact day that they will meet their soulmate. Two sisters struggle with various romantic dilemmas when one’s countdown is over ten years away and the other’s is blank.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Hooray for Emma Caulfield! I loved her on Buffy and have always wondered why she didn’t become a major star after that series ended. She’s very good in this movie, just proving my point. The film itself is decent with a script that is fun and intriguing, raising some interesting philosophical questions about love and companionship.

Final Grade: C+

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2 thoughts on “TiMER (2009)

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