Fire in the Sky (1993)


US Title:
Fire in the Sky
Robert Lieberman

What’s It About?
Based on the real life story of a group of Arizona forest workers who claim that their friend was abducted by aliens for five days in 1975.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
This is an interesting movie, especially because it is allegedly based on true events. The film does a decent job of crafting a suspenseful mystery regarding the vanishing of Travis Walton while simultaneously portraying the human drama that his disappearance has on the survivors, their families, and their small town. James Garner is perfectly cast as the skeptical senior detective; his character embodying the general unbelief of the public in real life. Whether true or not, the scenes aboard the alien ship are terrifying. Some of the dialogue in this film is stiff and awkward which is an unfortunate distraction.

Final Grade: C-

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