The Commitments (1991)

The Commitments 1991

US Title:
The Commitments
Ireland, UK
Alan Parker

What’s It About?
A young music enthusiast forms a rock band in his working class Dublin neighborhood, but internal conflicts and external pressures soon take their toll on the aspiring amateurs.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
It’s a lot of fun, but also quite jumbled. The ensemble cast is large and it’s hard to keep track of the many characters and their various issues, relationships, and shenanigans. As the film’s protagonist gets overwhelmed by the struggle to keep all of his band mates on the same page and in order, I felt the same kind of frustration as a viewer. With so many characters onscreen, we never get in-depth emotional connections with any of them (except maybe Jimmy). I want to root for these kids to succeed, but I need a reason why. Great soundtrack though.

Final Grade: C

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