Regarding Henry (1991)

Regarding Henry 1991

US Title:
Regarding Henry
Mike Nichols

What’s It About?
A high-powered, Manhattan lawyer suffers memory loss and brain damage after being shot in the head. With the help of his wife and daughter, he slowly rebuilds his life and reevaluates what’s truly important.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
This movie may be a little sappy and sentimental, but it’s also very moving and sweet. I really like this story, and although I know the movie is emotionally manipulating me, I don’t care. The script is well-written and well-executed. Henry’s emotional journey from callous douchebag to heroic father is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Both Harrison Ford and Annette Bening are great here, and the supporting cast is strong as well, particularly young Mikki Allen as the daughter and Bill Nunn as the inspirational physical therapist. It’s a true “feel good” movie.

Final Grade: B+

More Info:

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