The 100 – Season 3

The 100 Season 3

US Title:
The 100

What’s It About?
Season three brings a brand new type of “big bad” in the form of an AI named Alie, whose backstory ties into the mythology of the original nuclear holocaust and the Grounder’s ascension and succession traditions – which are explored in more detail this year. Also, a new group of Ark survivors is found, complicating matters (and relationships) for Skaikru and the Grounder tribes.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
For better or worse, season three is the show’s boldest and most daring yet. There are some absolutely heartbreaking deaths; two of which made me very upset. Season three has some noticeable flaws: previously-awesome Bellamy does some very, very unlikeable things; the Jaha/Alie “city of light” storyline feels wrong and lasts too long, and two of the best romantic relationships are obliterated. On the plus side: the back episodes are especially gripping as our heroes evolve into a small band of desperate resistance fighters; Miller and Harper become more central; and the final moments of the finale are awesome. Skyripper!

Final Grade: C

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