The Objective (2008)

The Objective 2008

US Title:
The Objective
Daniel Myrick

What’s It About?
A US special operations squad and a CIA operative are sent to a remote area of Afghanistan to locate a mysterious asset. They soon discover that their mission is not at all what they thought.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Ok, so I love the idea of this movie. I think the premise is wildly cool, and I was genuinely excited to watch this movie after reading its description. Unfortunately, it looks like I set my hopes much too high. The film is a disappointing bore. The script is unpolished and nonsensical, the visuals are unimpressive, the plot is filled with holes, and the main character is a complete dick. I wanted so badly for this movie to be awesome, but it wasn’t.

Final Grade: D

More Info:

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