Ice Station Zebra (1968)

Ice Station Zebra 1968

US Title:
Ice Station Zebra
John Sturges

What’s It About?
A US nuclear submarine races to the North Pole to locate a top-secret satellite that crashed near a remote arctic research station.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I think this film leaves a lot to be desired. The plot feels lazy, the excitement is missing, the characters are stereotypical, and some of the actors look plain bored. The story itself has some potential, but the execution is disappointing. The “twists” are all too predictable, and the film drags along to an ultimately boring and uneventful climax. Maybe this movie was more original and suspenseful in 1968, but watching it in 2017 it just feels sad and sloppy.

Final Grade: D

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