The 100 – Season 2

 The 100 Season 2

US Title:
The 100

What’s It About?
The remaining members of the 100 and the refugees from the Ark continue to confront dangers, both new and old, as they try to make a new home on the planet. Season two further explores the complicated world of the Grounders and their interactions with the sky people, and also introduces a brand new faction: the survivors of Mount Weather (aka the Mountain Men).

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Season two is even better than season one. The entire Mount Weather saga, which spans all sixteen episodes, is very well done. It’s original, suspenseful, twisty, emotional and allows many of the young actors to really shine in some particularly strong episodes. And the way that whole storyline ends… oh, damn. Intense! I still feel that the scripts are sometimes too rapidly paced, like they were in season one, but that’s easy to overlook when the story is so compelling and the characters are so captivating. Also, the romance between Octavia and Lincoln is awesome; I love these two together.

Final Grade: B-

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