Tickled (2016)

Tickled 2016

US Title:
New Zealand
David Farrier, Dylan Reeve

What’s It About?
A journalist from New Zealand explores the world of competitive endurance tickling and what he finds is extremely surprising.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
So, this movie is strange and oddly fascinating. From the online hype and the previews, this film promises to uncover something surprising and unexpected, and for the most part it delivers on that promise. The two sleuths in this documentary start their quest to learn about competitive endurance tickling with a sense of innocence and curiosity, but their inquiries are quickly met with hostile, vitriolic and homophobic responses. This, naturally, causes our intrepid heroes to dig much deeper. What they uncover is disturbing, frustrating and dark: blackmail, exploitation, threats, fraud, and a possibly twisted mastermind behind it all… (allegedly).

Final Grade: B-

More Info:

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