Arrival (2016)

Arrival 2016

US Title:
Denis Villeneuve

What’s It About?
After alien spaceships land in twelve locations across the Earth, a linguistics professor is recruited by the military to translate the mysterious language of the extraterrestrials.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I like the movie, but not the ending. Amy Adams gives a great performance and is definitely the anchor of the story, playing a brilliant woman juggling grief, duty, exhaustion and politics on the front lines of what may or may not be a global alien invasion. The film’s visuals and special effects are great, and the script is well-written: suspenseful, thoughtful and emotional.  I would have rated this movie even higher, but I just don’t like the film’s resolution and ending. I understand it, and I acknowledge that it “fits” artistically, but I wish it had ended differently.

Final Grade: B-

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