The Manhattan Project (1986)

The Manhattan Project 1986

US Title:
The Manhattan Project
Marshall Brickman

What’s It About?
A high-school student builds an atomic bomb for a science fair as a way of protesting a nearby nuclear laboratory and the facility’s chief scientist who happens to be dating the boy’s mother.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
It has a few cute moments, but overall I think it’s cheesy – and not the good cheesy. The premise is promising, but the actual story just doesn’t have the sense of fun or the charm of a movie like War Games, and it struggles to find the right balance between light-hearted, teen-hero comedy and serious, cold-war drama. The tone of this movie feels all over the place. In the end, this one just didn’t click with me.

Final Grade: D+

More Info:

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