Superbad (2007)

Superbad 2007

US Title:
Greg Mottola

What’s It About?
Two high-school best friends score an invitation to a popular party, but their night takes a series of increasingly bizarre turns in their quest to purchase alcohol for the event.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
It was funny in 2007 and it’s still funny a decade later. Superbad manages to achieve something that most vulgar teen comedies do not: it actually makes us like and care about the main characters – despite seeing them on the raunchiest night of their lives. Deep down, I think it’s actually a movie more about friendship and loyalty than it is about smoking pot, getting drunk and losing your virginity. This was one of the first movie roles for Christopher Mintz-Plasse and he is great here as the adorkable McLovin. Ditto for Emma Stone as the sweet-hearted Jules.

Final Grade: B-

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