The Echo (2008)

The Echo 2008

US Title:
The Echo
Yam Laranas

What’s It About?
After his release from prison, a mechanic moves into his recently deceased mother’s apartment. Soon, he begins to hear troubling sounds from the apartment next door.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I thought this one could have been a lot better. The film’s pace is frustratingly slow, especially considering how little actually happens; and the movie doesn’t offer anything new or original to the horror genre. It’s essentially the same, uninspired formula I’ve seen in countless other ghost movies. I will, however, give the film credit for attempting to frighten us without the use of excessive gore or cheap door slams or sudden music blasts. Also, there is a subtle commentary hidden between the lines of this film about domestic violence and the responsibility of bystanders who witness such crimes.

Final Grade: D-

More Info:

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