Those People (2015)

Those People 2015

US Title:
Those People
Joey Kuhn

What’s It About?
A young painter from Manhattan’s elite socialite class is torn between his longstanding, unrequited love for his best friend and his new attraction to a kindhearted Lebanese pianist.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. On the plus side, this film is very well made: great production values, nice cinematography, decent acting, cohesive plot, and some very nice character moments. On the down side, I really did not like the two main characters and I found their behavior frequently immature, selfish and annoying. I just couldn’t connect with a couple of uber-rich man-children pretending to have real problems. Ugh. I also hated the ending. The film’s MVP award goes to Haaz Sleiman who is really great in this movie and whose character deserved much better than he got.

Final Grade: C

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