R-Point (2004)

R-Point (Arpointeu) 2004

US Title:
South Korea
Home Title:
Kong Su-chang

What’s It About?
During the Vietnam War, a squad of South Korean soldiers are dispatched to a remote jungle area to locate a missing platoon. Taking shelter in an abandoned plantation mansion, the soldiers begin to experience troubling and unexplainable events.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I like the premise of this movie, and I think the film starts out strong and does well until the midway point. Unfortunately, the second half of the movie doesn’t live up to the first half. The story becomes very scattered and almost nonsensical. It was disappointing to watch the film end like this, especially since it seemed to have so much potential in the beginning. On the positive side, the acting is solid throughout, and some of the visuals are quite impressive, particularly the moody, spooky atmosphere of the abandoned plantation and surrounding fields.

Final Grade: D

More Info:

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