Billionaire Ransom (2016)

Billionaire Ransom (Take Down) 2016

US Title:
Billionaire Ransom
Home Title:
Take Down
Jim Gillespie

What’s It About?
A group of spoiled teenagers, the sons and daughters of ultra wealthy parents, are sent to a “get tough” school on a remote Scottish island. When their campus is taken over by kidnappers who hold them for ransom, the students must fight back to survive.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I liked the underlying story and themes in this movie: a group of disparate loners banding together to fight for a greater cause; young people finding strength they didn’t know they had; selfish teens learning friendship, sacrifice and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, I did not like the execution of that story in this movie. The script was sadly underwhelming and clunky, and many of the characters are complete stereotypes, particularly the villains and parents. On the plus side, there are some decent performances from a few of the young actors, particularly Phoebe Tonki and Elliot Knight.

Final Grade: D+

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One thought on “Billionaire Ransom (2016)

  1. The plot’s fairly original and believable, as far as action movies go. The action is fairly non-stop, and the cinematography’s great, too. Maybe not Academy-award material, but the acting was quite good too–certainly better than your average independent movie. Even the editing was well-done. Lots of nice eye candy, also. While not the very best movie I’ve seen in my life, it’s quite an enjoyable watch.


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