Please Like Me – Season 3

Please Like Me Season 3

US Title:
Please Like Me

What’s It About?
Season three continues the awkward adventures of Josh, Tom, Claire, and the rest of the group: Claire returns from Germany; Josh and Arnold grow closer; Tom gets a new love interest; Arnold comes out to his parents; Rose and Hannah are now housemates; Alan and Mae hit a rocky patch; and Josh gets torn between Arnold and someone else.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I think season three is the show’s best season. There is a lot of awesomeness packed into these ten episodes, some truly funny moments and some truly heart-tugging ones as well. Some of the spoiler-free highlights for me are: Tom’s new girlfriend, Ella; Josh’s one-night stand, Ben; the pet turkey, Adele; Arnold singing “Chandelier” for Alan; Claire’s full-time return; Claire and Josh’s secret; the dinner song for Adele; Johnzilla; Clairezilla; Arnold’s Love Actually homage; the Ferris wheel ride; and the most intense Christmas dinner ever. Season three is Please Like Me at its absolute best: funny, moving, thoughtful and heartwarming.

Final Grade: A-

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