Extraction (2015)

Extraction 2015

US Title:
Steven C. Miller

What’s It About?
A government agent goes rogue and launches a one-man operation to rescue his father from terrorists… in New Jersey.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Despite my fanboy respect for Bruce Willis, this movie is a dud. It’s poorly written and absurdly plotted. I suspect the screenwriters were hoping we wouldn’t notice how bad the film is as long as we were continually distracted by pretty people repeatedly punching and shooting each other for ninety minutes. Well, I noticed. At one point in the film, Gina Carano tells Kellan Lutz “this cowboy bullshit has got to stop.” Oh man, she was so right. I continue to hope that both Carano and Lutz will someday finally find their break-through roles. (F&F6 and Twilight don’t count.)

Final Grade: D

More Info:

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