The Forest (2016)

The Forest 2016

US Title:
The Forest
Jason Zada

What’s It About?
A woman travels to Japan’s Aokigahara Forest (also known as the “Suicide Forest”) to search for her missing twin sister.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
The premise is chilling (especially since the Aokigahara Forest is a real place), but the movie itself is not. Natalie Dormer’s performance is solid, playing dual roles as both sisters, but she’s forced to work with a script muddled with common horror tropes and predictable twists that we’ve seen a dozen times before. The film quickly descends into a predictable and frustrating cliché, and then tops it all off with an ending that I absolutely hated. I was hoping for something much better from this movie.

Final Grade: D

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