Contagion (2011)

Contagion 2011

US Title:
Steven Soderbergh

What’s It About?
Government officials and CDC doctors race to find a cure for a deadly epidemic as panic and disorder spread worldwide.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Contagion tries to tell a multitude of different personal stories, following a large cast of characters across different parts of the globes. I found it challenging to connect with many of those stories, probably because the film isn’t able to spend enough time with them to actually make me care. The few characters that I did manage to sympathize with are consistently cut off for storylines and characters that I didn’t care about, so it wasn’t a particularly satisfying movie for me. There are still some good performances and some worthwhile moments here, but I wish there had been more.

Final Grade: C-

More Info:

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