Schitt’s Creek – Season 2

Schitt's Creek Season 2

US Title:
Schitt’s Creek

What’s It About?
Season two continues the trials and tribulations of the Rose family: former big-city millionaires now broke and living in a motel in the rural town of Schitt’s Creek.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Season two is very consistent with season one: similar fish-out-of-water scenarios and the same overall style of humor. If you enjoyed the first season, chances are you’ll feel the same way about the second. I liked it enough and thought it was better than average; but I would prefer to see some more character growth. I know it’s situational comedy, but it often seems like everyone is just repeating themselves each episode. The season finale, though, was terrific – the show’s best episode to date. The final five minutes were fantastic television. It could have served as an excellent series finale.

Final Grade: C+

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