Conviction – Season 1

Conviction Season 1

US Title:

What’s It About?
A brilliant lawyer, who also happens to be the former President’s daughter and a popular tabloid target, is tasked with heading the Conviction Integrity Unit – an ambitious team dedicated to correcting possible miscarriages of justice.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I had such high hops for this series. The cast is great and the premise is catchy and timely. But the scripts… oh my god, the scripts… they are awful. Clunky, trite, stereotypical, juvenile, dumbed-down, and sometimes downright insulting. Ongoing storylines are dropped or abandoned with no explanation; case-of-the-week storylines are rushed and predictable. The actors never had a chance with dialogue and storylines this amateurish, and neither did the show. So disappointing. The cast deserved better than this, and I hope they all move on to more rewarding projects.

Final Grade: D

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