Swept Under (2015)

Swept Under 2015

US Title:
Swept Under
Michel Poulette

What’s It About?
A crime scene cleaner finds an important clue overlooked by the police. She then teams up with a rookie detective to crack the case.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
This film begins like a light-hearted mystery/romance, something from “Hallmark Mysteries” or an afternoon Lifetime TV movie: the quirky heroine and the handsome detective teaming up to solve a caper. But then the movie takes a dark twist, and things change. (I admit that I didn’t see the twist coming.) The second half of the movie has a much different tone, but I was still rooting for the main characters, now for different reasons. Both Devin Kelley and Aaron Ashmore are good here, doing their best with a script that suffered greatly from stunted dialogue and stereotypical, one-dimensional supporting characters.

Final Grade: C

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