Please Like Me – Season 2

Please Like Me Season 2

US Title:
Please Like Me

What’s It About?
Season two continues the misadventures of Josh and his close circle of friends and family. Claire moves to Germany; Tom is still dating Niamh; Josh is over Geoffrey and has his eye on hunky new housemate Patrick; Mum checks in to a private psychiatric hospital where we meet a host of new characters including depressed Hannah, flighty Ginger, and anxious Arnold.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Season two improves on everything that season one did well, and it gives us 10 episodes instead of six. The characters continue to be awkward but loveable, neurotic but sympathetic. Josh and company are getting older, but they’re definitely struggling to grow up. The scripts this season are efficient and smart, funny and touching. Season two also expands the show’s setting and includes a significant number of scenes spent in and around the private psychiatric facility where Josh’s mother checks in as a patient. Like season one, the show tackles the issue of mental illness with honesty and class.

Final Grade: B-

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