The Lake House (2006)

The Lake House 2006

US Title:
The Lake House
Alejandro Agresti

What’s It About?
A man and woman fall in love by exchanging letters through a mysterious mailbox at a lake house, but he lives in 2004 and she lives in 2006.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
First and foremost, you have to overlook the primary plot: it doesn’t make any sense. There were several times when I thought I figured out the mechanics of the whole “time-gap” thing, but each time I was wrong. I eventually stopped trying. With that said, the movie is still somewhat satisfying – primarily because of the chemistry of Sandra Bullock and Keanue Reeves. (I loved them in Speed, and that is a love that never dies.) This movie works to the degree that it does because you can’ t help rooting for these two characters to find a happily ever after together.

Final Grade: C-

More Info:

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