The Blackout (2014)

The Blackout 2014

US Title:
The Blackout
Louis Mandylor

What’s It About?
An unexplained power outage throws the residents of a small town into disarray, fearing a possible terrorist attack or worse.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
I didn’t really like this one. It’s difficult to connect with any of the characters as most of them are one-dimensional, stereotypical or just generally unlikeable – especially in the latter half of the film. The clunky script doesn’t help either. The storyline is dark, portraying society at its worst. As their familiar world starts to collapse, neighbors turn against each other and people start to lose their humanity. It’s unpleasant to watch – partly because I suspect this is how some people really would act in a similar real life scenario.

Final Grade: D

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