Please Like Me – Season 1

Please Like Me Season 1

US Title:
Please Like Me

What’s It About?
Josh, an awkward, unemployed gay man in his twenties struggles to navigate love and life with the help of his ex-girlfriend Claire and his best friend Tom.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Season one is short (6 eps), but it’s a nice introduction to a sweet and quirky show. The characters are very likable, even when they’re sometimes being selfish or making horrible life choices. The three main actors (Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, Caitlin Stasey) have excellent chemistry with each other, and they’re rounded out by a solid supporting cast, especially Debra Lawrance who plays Josh’s bipolar mother. The episodes are well written, and the show does an admirable job portraying the comedy and tragedy that everyday life can bring when living with (or loving someone with) a mental illness.

Final Grade: C+

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