Pan (2015)

Pan 2015

US Title:
Joe Wright

What’s It About?
A retelling of the Peter Pan story, focusing on Peter’s discovery of Neverland and his first adventures alongside new friends Captain Hook and Tiger Lily.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
Well, it’s certainly colorful and over the top. It’s also a steaming, hot mess. Hugh Jackman is absurd; Rooney Mara is… miscast, to put it nicely; the plot is scattered; and the script is awkward and at times culturally insensitive. The one bright spot here is Garrett Hedlund’s portrayal of a young Captain Hook, coming off more like Indiana Jones then a diabolical lunatic. (We get plenty of the latter from Jackman’s character. Ugh.) I actually like the partnership between Peter and Hook here. That friendship works for me, but then the film ruins it at the end, of course.

Final Grade: D+

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