Bachelor Games (2016)

Bachelor Games 2016

US Title:
Bachelor Games
Edward McGown

What’s It About?
A weekend stag party in the mountains of Argentina takes a terrifying turn for a groom-to-be and his best mates as they are hunted down by an ancient deadly force called “the Hunter.” I said stag party and mates because this is a British film. (wink)

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
The premise is intriguing, but the movie quickly stumbles into familiar territory for most low-budget horror movies: predictable plot points, deaths you can see coming from a mile away, frustrating decision making (why are you splitting up?, why the hell would you go outside alone?!), and of course, the murder of all minority characters. The film plods along in these shallow waters for 80+ minutes until it finally ends with a whimper.

Final Grade: D+

More Info:

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