How He Fell in Love (2015)

How He Fell in Love 2015

US Title:
How He Fell in Love
Marc Meyers

What’s It About?
A struggling musician meets an unhappily married woman at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend. They begin an affair that makes both of them reevaluate their lives.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
It’s a little boring. Overall, the movie doesn’t really do anything or go anywhere. Matt McGorry and Amy Hargreaves are both fine, but the script doesn’t give them anything juicy to work with. Mostly it’s standard boy-meets-girl for the first half of the movie and then standard infidelity-love-triangle for the second half. There’s a small fender bender towards the end of the movie which is literally the most exciting thing that happens in the whole film. I’m wishing better things in the future for McGorry (he’s a passionate advocate for many worthy causes in real life).

Final Grade: C-

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