Ghost (1990)

Ghost 1990

US Title:
Jerry Zucker

What’s It About?
After a man is murdered in a mugging-gone-wrong, his spirit remains stuck on earth. With the help of a reluctant (and hilarious) psychic, he tries to identify who murdered him and save his grieving girlfriend.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
This is a good (and new classic?) movie. Ghost does so many things right: good script, great performances, iconic scenes (the pottery wheel), a villain you love to hate, laugh-out-loud moments, heartbreak, hope, and the best use of a Righteous Brothers song since Top Gun. Sure, parts of the film are cheesy or sappy or “chick flick”, but those moments are few and far between and easy to overlook. Also, Whoopi Goldberg is fantastic in this movie, so funny and so awesome. She won the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA for this role.

Final Grade: B+

More Info:

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