Miss Stevens (2016)

Miss Stevens 2016

US Title:
Miss Stevens
Julia Hart

What’s It About?
An awkward high school teacher chaperones three students to a drama competition out of town.

Short Review: 100 Words or Less (no spoilers)
There’s nothing particularly awesome, nor is there anything particularly awful about this movie. It’s pretty average. Lily Rabe is a great actress, but she doesn’t have much to work with here. The three young actors playing the students in her charge are all fine, but their characters are stereotypical cut-outs that you’ve seen in a dozen other high-school-is-so-hard movies. The script suffers a bit from some ambiguous (or cringe-worthy?) student-teacher moments and a general sense that even though the characters come full circle, they don’t really go anywhere. Unless maybe that was the point?

Final Grade: C

More Info:

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