Farewell, 2016

2016 will officially be over in less than 24 hours.

I’m glad.

A lot of shitty things happened in 2016. BUT… this is not a post about how crappy 2016 was, nor is it a list of all the unfortunate events that happened this year (and we could make a very long list: the divisiveness of the US election; the Pulse massacre; 18 US soldiers killed abroad; over 130 US police officers killed in the line of duty; terror attacks across the globe; the plight of Syrian refugees; the fucking Zika virus; the deaths of unarmed civilians caught on tape; the deaths of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Alan Rickman, Prince and other icons; etc, etc, etc.).

Instead, this is a post about some of the good things that happened this year.  Despite the consensus of the internet and the very real tragedies mentioned above, 2016 did have some shining moments.  Here are a few things that happened this year in my own personal corner of the world for which I will be forever thankful:

  • My mother beat cancer!
  • So did my aunt!
  • I became a vegetarian.
  • Netflix gave us Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and The OA. (The OA is amazing, people!)
  • I discovered the 2 Dope Queens podcast and the Baby-Sitters Club Club podcast.  (Also, the excellent podcasts from Pacific Northwest Stories — although I don’t approve of their Patreon pandering/firewall).
  • Bernie Sanders.  Yes, he was robbed and he was played by his own party… but I’m still thankful that he tried, that his message of hope, inclusivity, and empowerment was heard by millions.  He was a ray of light in a dark year for US politics.
  • I stopped drinking coffee and soda.  (Except of course, when I’m drinking; you can’t have a Jack and Coke without the Coke.)
  • I started this blog. 😉

So 2016 wasn’t all bad.  As we move into 2017, take the good with you.  Leave the bad behind.  Take with you the lessons that you learned from your struggles, but leave the pain of them in the past.  (I know: easier said than done; but it still sounds nice.)

Farewell to you, 2016. Hello, 2017.

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